Festival packing checklist: Party with personality

It’s festival season! Whether you’re only heading out for a day or preparing to camp it out, here’s a line-up of customisable essentials you don’t want to leave behind.

Dressed? Packed? Showtime!

Get matching tees for the whole crew, a hoodie just in case, and a bag big enough to fit your wellies. You’re ready to go!

For the long hours in the sun

If you’re lucky, that is. If not, we’ve got beanies too.

Stickers? Always!

Keep them as souvenirs or hand out as fun conversation starters.

Stay hydrated

Most venues encourage the use of reusable cups and water bottles – so add a bit of character to yours and hit the nearest refill station.

More festival essentials

While glitter and face gems are a definite festival must, these will come in quite handy, too.

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Hit the festivals this summer equipped for every eventuality with our line-up of custom essentials

Summertime means music festivals in the UK – from Glasgow to Isle of Wight, there are gigs and concerts for every music taste, all summer long. And whether you’re preparing for the camping adventure of a lifetime or only heading out for the day, we’ve got the festival essentials you need to make it memorable. Personalised T-shirts for the entire crew, bags big and small, custom flags to show your favourite band some love…you name it, and we’ll personalise it for you.

As you prepare your festival checklist, remember to include items that’ll come in handy for those long hours (or days) in the sun – custom caps and hats, water bottle or travel mug, or a towel to sit on, all perfectly personalised with a fun quote or music-inspired graphics. And then there’s the highly practical items like luggage tags, power banks, clothing stamps or an anti-loss device for your phone. They’re all easy to personalise and make your own.

So check off your festival essentials list and get ready to party!