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Personalised Backpacks

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Whether you’re taking the familiar route to work or exploring somewhere new, these personalised backpacks keep you comfortable on the go.

Showcase your business, club or team logo on personalised backpacks.

Branded backpacks are great for showcasing your business wherever you work. These laptop backpack models include pockets to separate and protect your device from the rest of your belongings and adjustable padded straps to tighten the rucksack when carrying more weight.

Ideal for commuting, working remotely, student life or business trips, our backpacks come in a range of styles – from lightweight to more robust. Create a practical keepsake for team members when celebrating a landmark project, company event or when new people come on board. Design these backpacks with a logo, company tagline or club emblem to showcase your business, school or organisation – creating a visible reminder wherever you wear your custom backpack.