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Turn takeaway orders and shopping bags into branding opportunities with custom paper bags. Available with single or full-colour printing, paper bags are great for retail and events.

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Show off your brand with every sale using personalised paper bags.

Upgrade your packaging with paper bags that display your brand. Handing a customer a branded paper bag with your logo is like handing them a business card, so get it noticed with our vibrantly coloured printed paper bags. Whether for retail sales, restaurant takeaway or events, we’ve got you covered from brown kraft paper bags to luxury paper gift bags and everything in between – including Christmas paper bags for the festive season. Custom paper bags with logo seals are a unique promotional opportunity.

Made from durable materials and available with full or single-colour printing, our custom printed paper bags let you get creative with your packaging. Want to know how to print your logo on our kraft paper bags? It’s simple. Use our design studio to upload your logo or choose from one of our many design templates to get started. Our specialists are available and ready to help with whatever you may need.

Frequently Asked Questions

The recommended weight you place in your kraft paper bag is dependent on the size and type of paper bag you have. For example, we recommend not exceeding 2.5 kg for our extra small and small kraft paper bags. Medium-sized bags can hold up to 5 kg. We recommend not exceeding 4 kg for bottle bags. Our luxury gift bags can hold up to 8 kg, depending on the size. 

To get the most out of your custom kraft paper bags, we recommend you do the following:

  1. Keep it simple. Printing your logo on kraft paper bags is not only a way to create a cohesive brand and experience for your customers, but also to grab the attention of potential customers. So, make sure your artwork can be seen and easily recognised from a far.
  2. Include your website or social media info. This not only makes you look more professional, but allows customers and potential customers to connect with you straight away, from anywhere.
  3. If you’re uploading an image, make sure that it’s at least 300 dpi, to ensure the best quality print.

The best size or shape is completely dependent on its purpose. Gift shops may use small or long, thin paper gift bags. Clothing retailers may prefer square kraft paper bags. As for materials, kraft paper is a great industry choice. It’s a naturally brown paper bag with excellent tear resistance, making it sturdy and durable. 

Storing your kraft paper bags correctly can help maintain their quality and prevent damage. The best ways to ensure this are to:

  1. Keep them somewhere dry and cool, away from humidity and damp.
  2. Make sure they’re not exposed to prolonged, direct sunlight. This can fade the colour of printed kraft paper bags and weaken the fibres.
  3. Stack them neatly to avoid wear and tear from moving them around.
  4. Avoid storing heavy items in your kraft paper bags for an extended period of time. This can cause them to tear or lose their shape.

All of our kraft paper bags are recyclable and many options are also FSC® certified.

Yes, VistaPrint offers a wide variety of professionally designed templates for a range of different industries. Find one that suits your business needs here in our gallery.