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Simplify envelopes, invoices and more with self-inking custom stamps.

Looking for a way to streamline your daily tasks? Pre-inked custom stamps are a remarkable time-saver: They make it easy to add notes to invoices or receipts, add return addresses to stacks of envelopes and even add your signature to important documents. That’s why VistaPrint is here with an assortment of stamps – each available in your choice of practical colours.

As you create your custom stamp, you’ll be able to choose from our customisable templates – or upload your own custom design or signature. You’ll have an expert team standing by to offer help or answer questions if you need, and your stamp will be professionally created, packaged and delivered to you. And when the time comes to stock back up on your ink, we’ll be ready for that, too – our replacement ink options average 5,000 crisp and even impressions.