With a new cash grant programme, VistaPrint and Enterprise Nation are helping entrepreneurs to reach their full potential.

To help small businesses thrive, VistaPrint and Enterprise Nation have joined forces to provide a cash grant programme to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. In May, the programme awarded 20 small businesses from across the UK £7,500 each, plus access to marketing and design support and expertise.

Meet the winners below.


Jonathan Cottom

Jonny Cottom wanted to make it easy for people to drink sustainably on the go. His company Breakbottle brought this project to life through a crowdfunding campaign, and now has successfully launched a reusable bottle with an innovative twist open design. His mission is to make sustainable choices accessible and help give back to the community.

Chala Chai

Andrew McGuire

Andrew McGuire wanted to raise the standard of chai served in coffee shops to the same standard as coffee, and so founded Chala Chai. As a person with dyslexia, he wants his business to give back to his community and help young people with dyslexia to thrive in creativity and business.


Stuart Hope

Stuart Hope first started his Kent business at home during the pandemic. After his indulgent, home-baked cookies started to take off, he rebranded as Cookieman, and currently offers his treats at local markets, pop-up events and online.


Caitrin Kincaid

Caitrin Kincaid created Cubefun during the pandemic to help keep her young children active and healthy. This themed cube game helps children with spatial awareness, physical movement and more. With her cubes already being used in local gyms and children’s clubs, Caitrin plans to do even more community outreach in the future.

Fleur and Rebelle

Annabelle Heatley

Fleur and Rebelle is a florist founded by Annabelle Wheatley in Warwickshire that specialises in weddings, events and workshops. Her aim is to provide and promote an eco-conscious approach to floristry that supports local British flower growers and farmers.

Franchine Young

Franchine Young

Franchine Young was inspired to start her company when she created a product for herself whilst undergoing severe skin changes. Her award-winning skin product is made using minimal ingredients reducing the need for multiple skincare items and thereby preventing unnecessary wastage – some she feels strongly about.

Green Up Farm

Toni Borella

Based in West Wales, Green Up Farm is an indoor hydroponic vertical farm that grows deliciously healthy microgreens and speciality crops for the hospitality sector. With the aim to reduce waste and use only sustainable methods to cultivate their produce, Toni Borella and their team hope o provide huge benefits to their customers, as well as the environment.


Jacob Strauss

Gumbo is a search engine that saves home cooks time by helping them discover recipes that use the ingredients they have at home. Jacob Strauss and his team hope to help people reduce their food waste, save money and help them navigate the vast number of recipes online.


Caitlin Rozario

After experiencing burnout and health issues, Caitlin Rozario and Will Webster co-founded interlude to help solve the problems of unproductivity and low workplace satisfaction. Through the power of breaks, interlude wants to create healthier and more sustainable approaches to work in order to help workers feel calmer, more energised and more focused.


Tiffany Chiu

Tiffany Chiu was inspired to create JulieMay Lingerie in 2020 after seeing her mum develop skin allergies. Her lingerie brand is anti-allergy, anti-hot flushes, and itchy skin relieving. Her sustainable approach to her business, along with her ambitions to partner with healthcare providers, non-profits and educational programmes have earnt her business awards and recognition.

Laguna Lashes

Natasha Birk

Laguna Lashes is an eco-friendly eyelash brand on a mission to reduce plastic pollution in the beauty industry. Natasha Birk launched her brand in 2020 after struggling to find high-quality sustainable beauty products, and has since won awards for her approach to the beauty space.

Mind Body Goals Ltd.

Michael Crinnion

Michael Crinnion is passionate about educating people about wellbeing and mental health, and so developed his product Luma³ to help people learn techniques and exercises to reduce stress and aid restful sleep. His mission is to make his product, and better wellbeing, accessible to everyone.

More Diverse Voices

Emily Horton

Founded by journalist and public relations expert Emily Horton in 2021, More Diverse Voices helps companies connect with their audience through inclusive and anti-oppressive communications. Through workshops, communication strategies and campaigns, they hope to help build a more diverse and inclusive world.

Nature Nurture Kids

Alice Keverne

The idea for Nature Nurture Kids was born when Alice Keverne created a homemade nature kit for her daughter. Seeing a gap in the market for fun, sustainable kits, she created her business to empower, inspire and excite children into knowing they can make a difference for their future and our planet.

Pola Poles

Isaac Greenway-Tambini

Isaac Greenway-Tambini started his business 4 years ago by pushing an ice cream cart around Nottingham city centre, and now boasts being stocked in major retailers like Whole Foods. Pola Poles focuses on making ice pops a healthier natural snack by using local produce and partnering with local farms and businesses.

Pongoose Ltd.

Robin Rendall

Robin Rendall founded Pongoose Ltd in 2017 after inventing and developing a unique rock-climbing device. His ambition is to scale his business by creating more product designs whilst ensuring that he supports his community by manufacturing his products locally.

The Herde

Hannah Hardman

The Herde connects workplaces and children’s nurseries to help parents save money on childcare costs while providing nurseries with access to much-needed additional funding. Founded by two working women, they want to create systemic change in the way women and working parents are supported, especially as they return to their careers after having children.


Kathryn McNally

UnderSky is an Ayr-based venture that provides outdoor, nature-based experiences for children and families through events and products. With an aim to help protect the planet through the power of play, this two-woman team helps children to learn about the world around them in a fun and sustainable way, from games to exploration to visual activities.


Michael J Diamond

Co-founded in 2020 by Director Michael J. Diamond, WEIGHT. is a London-based production company focused on drama films capable of social impact. Their mission is to create beautiful films with powerful stories that inspire change, and nurture talent from underrepresented backgrounds.

Yes You Can Fitness

Simon Watts

Simon Watts created Yes You Can Fitness to provide safe exercise sessions and one-to-one personal training for cancer rehab patients. His goal is to support patients, giving them the confidence to exercise and positively empower them before, during and after treatment.

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