Social media content guide for artisan small business owners

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E-commerce and social media are more important than ever… especially for artisan business owners. With many customers shopping exclusively online – it’s time to step up your social media game.

Ready to get started? Here, you’ll find 8 of our favourite content and social media marketing tips for artisan small business owners…

Social media content ideas for artisans

1. Give a virtual tour of your studio or workshop.

You’re an artisan, so give your followers a look at the creative brain behind your small business… and the hardworking person behind their purchase. Show potential customers where you’re creating your masterpieces, whether it’s a repurposed spare bedroom, your parents’ kitchen or a shared studio space. Telling your story is key in strengthening your brand and a behind-the-scenes look is a great way to add authenticity to your image.

  • Share photos of your workspace on your Instagram Stories then save all of them as a Highlight.
  • Film a studio tour for your YouTube channel.
  • Create a carousel (Instagram) or album (Facebook) of photos of your workspace.

2. Film a video showing your artistic process.

Whether it’s a time-lapse video of firing pottery, slo-mo footage of roasting coffee beans or a Tik Tok showing how you hand-letter place cards, video content is dynamic and highly engaging… so it’s sure to excite and delight your social media followers.

3. Create an Instagram-ready unboxing experience.

With so many people shopping online, the way you package and send your products matters more than ever. Create a show-stopping unboxing experience with beautiful packaging that customers will want to share – think customised stickers, on-brand wrapping paper and a little bit of magic (or confetti). With every order, include a card with information about your small business, your social media handles and a reminder to tag your business when they post their unboxing experience.


Make sure links to your social media accounts are easy to find – post them on your website, blog and at the bottom of any email communications. And include your social media handles on thank-you notes, receipts, postcards, takeaway menus, leaflets and more.

4. Post more than just product photos.

Even if you’re using social media for your business, you should post more than just product photos or sale updates. Curate your social media presence to reflect your brand identity and give followers a complete view of your small business. Share photos that inspire you, customer testimonials, words of inspiration or BTS shots.

Social media marketing tips for artisans & creatives

1. Prioritise visual platforms and choose one to ‘go big’ on.

As an artisan, showing off your creativity on highly visual platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and even Facebook is best.

  • Facebook is great for sharing pictures and videos, conversing with customers and providing updates about your business – like new opening hours or store policies. You can also add a ‘Shop’ section on your page, where you can link directly to your merchandise.
  • Pinterest is a great place for sharing inspiring visuals and can be useful for driving traffic to your website. Upload an image of your latest work and make sure it’s linked to a shoppable page on your website. Add a few hashtags to make your post searchable.
  • Instagram is a great place to share photos – and you can make these posts shoppable too. When you share a photo of a new product, add a link to that item’s page on your website

Think about the kind of content you plan on sharing and consider which platform is best for you. For example, if you don’t have an inventory of merchandise to sell (maybe you specialise in custom products or artisanal services), Facebook is likely to be your best bet.

2. Engage with your followers.

Staying active is one of the best (and easiest!) ways to build your social media presence. One way to do this is by engaging with followers. Run a Q&A on your Instagram Stories, respond to reviews on Facebook and comment/like on content posted by other small business owners.

3. Post often!

Keep your social media accounts top-of-mind by posting regularly. Start by setting a goal of three times a week, then increase from there… and try to share during peak posting times to maximise engagement. Whether you’re re-posting something on Facebook, sharing news about an upcoming sale or polling your followers, staying active is key in solidifying your social media presence.

4. Run giveaways to attract new customers.

Running a giveaway is a great way to excite existing followers and attract new customers. Give away a piece of merchandise or a service and collect entries on Facebook or Instagram. For example:

“You could win a DIY ceramics kit! Make sure you’re following me, then ‘like’ this post and tag a friend in the comments to enter. For an extra entry, share this post on your page!”

By encouraging followers to tag their friends in the comments or to share your posts, you’ll get a major visibility boost and attract new entries… and potential customers.