Christmas packaging tips for crafters & artisans

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This Christmas, a gift means more… and as an artisan/crafter/maker, you have a chance to wrap mail-order gifts in more than just pretty paper. When it comes to packaging for 2020, going the extra mile can help build customer loyalty and reinforce your brand – especially if this is your first Christmas as a small business owner.

Since many craft fairs have been cancelled this year, e-commerce is more important than ever for artisans. And if you’re not able to give customers a branded, in-person shopping experience, send one with their mail order.

Packaging tips for direct purchases

  • Use packing materials that reflect your brand.
  • Include a ‘thank you’ note.
  • Send them an appreciation offer.
  • Add something special.

Packaging tips for gift purchases

  • Offer gift wrapping.
  • Add a personalised note.
  • Include information about your brand.
  • Send them a special offer.

Packaging tips for direct orders

Use packing materials that reflect your brand.

From tags to packing tape, make sure everything you use to pack orders reflects your brand. Whether it’s labels with your logo or crinkle paper filler in your brand colours, an aesthetically-pleasing package lends itself to Instagram-ready unboxings. Show that you put as much thought and care into your packaging as you do into your products… so customers will get excited the moment their package arrives. Plus, you can use branded stickers instead of ordinary tape to seal packages or wrapping paper. Encourage customers to share their unboxing experience (and follow your shop!) on social media with a dedicated rack card.

Include a ‘thank you’ note.

Order a set of ‘thank you’ postcards and customise each one with a hand-written message to your customers. This small gesture can go a long way… and a logoed postcard will help reinforce your brand identity. Consider printing your brand story on one side of the postcard – this will show shoppers the person behind the product, and give you a chance to make a meaningful impression.

Choose a design that matches your brand’s vibe… and don’t forget to add your logo.

Add something special.

Surprise and delight your customers and include something wonderfully unexpected in their order. Think: a new product sample, insider information about upcoming products or sales or a bonus gift for high-value orders. Did your customer purchase a pet portrait? Include a dog treat or collar charm in their package. Did someone buy a bar of lavender soap? Send them a bonus lip balm in the same scent. This level of detail will go a long way to making a great impression.

Packaging tips for gift orders

Offer gift wrapping for all orders.

‘Tis the season for gifting… so make it easy for your customers to send a ready-to-unwrap gift to their loved ones. Because people may not be able to see each other face-to-face and hand-deliver Christmas presents, you’ll be offering a much-appreciated service to loyal customers – and impressing prospective clients. Offer wrapping in your brand’s colours and style, and make sure it can be used for all recipients, regardless of which seasonal holiday they celebrate.


Encourage shoppers to reuse your packaging, and if you’re able to use recycled materials, let customers know! They’ll love that you’re an eco-friendly small business.

Note cards
Keep a stash of blank note cards at the ready so you can use them for any occasion.

Add a personalised note.

If an item is being sent as a gift to someone else, offer to include a hand-written note card with a personalised message from the sender.

This is a great way to make the gift-giver look good, even if they weren’t able to send a gift themselves.

Include some brand information… and an offer.

Tuck a rack card or postcard into your order with your brand’s story to tell the gift recipient more about your business. If they love the product and your brand message, they’ll want to shop directly from you next time.

Encourage these potential customers to place an order of their own with a post-Christmas promotion code or delivery discount.

Flyers have plenty of room to tell your small business story.

And for all orders, remember to implement safe packing practices.

Handle each package with safety in mind – wear a mask and gloves while packing orders and use new packaging for each to keep things sanitary.

When you’re ready to go to the post office or do a doorstep delivery, make sure to wear a mask while you’re out and about – or schedule a courier pick-up and print postage labels in your studio.

Custom face masks
Stay safe (and on-brand) with custom IF masks for you and your employees.

Top 5 takeaways

  • 1
    Coordinate your packaging & gift wrapping colours to reflect your brand.
  • 2
    Include your brand story in every box.
  • 3
    Throw in a free sample.
  • 4
    Add a hand-written note (from you, or the gift giver).
  • 5
    Include an offer to keep customers coming back.