How to stand out at an outdoor event

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Outdoor events, like craft fairs and farmers’ markets, are great places to make meaningful connections, attract new customers and build excitement around your business. But you can’t make any of those happen if people don’t spot you first. From outdoor signage to promotional materials, make sure you have everything you need to stand out from the competition. Even if you’ve never showcased your business at a market or fair before, don’t worry. We’ll talk you through everything you need, including expert advice on creating outdoor signage and promotional materials that will turn heads and spark conversations.

3 ways to stand out at your next event:

  1. Attract attention from afar
  2. Get ready for your close-up
  3. Make a lasting impression

1. Attract attention from afar

When you’re creating large-scale items for your outdoor event stand, keep your designs simple. People can easily get distracted and overwhelmed at events, and you’re competing for their attention. The best way to cut through the noise is to provide clear, to-the-point information that’s easy to read at a glance. Make customers want to make a beeline for your stand with attention-grabbing banners, flyers or flags. Large banners should be clean and simple for maximum impact — all you really need on your banner is your name and logo. Choose one primary font, and stick to a few key colours. Here, Little Bee sticks to two colours — black and yellow — that complement their brand and are easy to see and read (thanks to the high contrast!).

Your logo should tell prospective customers what your business is all about from the moment they see it. If you need help creating a logo for your small business, the experts at 99designs by Vistaprint can help.

2. Get ready for your close-up

Once people come over to your table, make sure your set-up is polished, professional and easy to understand. The way you present yourself visually is an important part of branding an event — use the same colours, templates and logo across all materials, and showcase your brand everywhere possible. Outfit your table with a branded tablecloth or table runner, and outfit yourself with a branded T-shirt or hat. This kind of consistency can go a long way in making your business memorable.

Also, keep some postcards and flyers on hand that give customers more information about your business. Even if they don’t end up making a purchase, if they walk away with something that has your name and look on it, you’ll stay top of mind.

Depending on the size of the craft fair, boost your visibility by hanging some flyers at the entrance or on nearby bulletin boards. Include key details about your products or services that will encourage customers to visit your stand, along with your stand number or location.

3. Make a lasting impression

Make your brand memorable when customers leave with a thoughtful packaging experience. Start by packaging your products in branded packaging — it can be as simple as adding a sticker or label to a jar, box or bag. And when you’re wrapping up an order, pack it in a branded bag and drop in one of your business cards. In addition to looking more professional and credible, branding your merchandise will keep you top of mind long after the event’s over. Just think…every time your customer reaches for their purchase, they’ll get a glimpse of your logo.

The finished look

See how it all comes together for Little Bee’s event stand.

1. Sheet stickers. A sheet sticker adds instant branding to your packaging.

2. T-shirts. A logo T-shirt goes a long way in building credibility for your business.

3. Flags. Little Bee attracts attention from afar with an eye-catching flag.

4. Paper bags. Turn ordinary packaging into branded wrapping.

5. Product labels. Add your brand to every product to stay top of mind.

6. Business cards. Send customers home with a reminder of your business.

7. Flyers. Flyers help spread the word.

About the designer

Hilda Mastropietro from 99designs by Vistaprint created the logo for Little Bee, inspired by the business name and their request for a modern, minimalist design. ‘When I first read the name, I thought about something small, delicate and beautiful; the bright colours and honey. I gave it some movement with the dotted lines, making the logo dynamic.’

Check out their portfolio if you’re interested in working together to create a look for your small business or outdoor event branding.