Must-have signage for restaurants

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Owning a restaurant is challenging, perhaps now more than ever. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, food businesses all over the world have been forced to pivot their offerings and operations. We saw all kinds of culinary professionals get creative, from top restaurants creating DIY meal kits to local cafés offering delivery on goodies and essentials alike. We also watched restaurants quickly comply with new safety rules and regulations, including enforcing limited-capacity seating and implementing touch-free transactions.

Now that you’ve implemented so many of these changes at your restaurant, it’s time to communicate them to your customers. Classic signage (like a vinyl banner or window decal) is perhaps the most tried-and-tested way to share new information while reflecting your brand identity at the same time.

Whether you’re setting up a new outdoor dining space or want to attract new customers with an enticing offer, let a new sign do the work.

Signage for restaurants can be used to:

  1. Spread the word about your new offerings.
  2. Display QR codes for touch-free menus.
  3. Attract new customers.
  4. Inform customers of safety policies.
  5. Reinforce your brand identity.
  6. Tell passers-by more about your business.


Spread the word about your new offerings.

Rather than just posting about your new services and offerings on social media, try using an old-fashioned sign to get the word out. Hang a vinyl banner in your restaurant’s front window to advertise expanded delivery options, promotional meal deals or new menu items. Whether you’re implementing increased safety measures or debuting a new coffee flavour, announcing a new offering is a great way to excite existing customers and attract new ones.


Is one of your new offerings a designated outdoor pickup area, or some takeaway-only parking spaces? Mark these areas with corresponding flags or chalkboard signs so customers know where to pull in.

Spread the word


Display QR codes for touch-free menus.

QR codes have made a comeback, especially at restaurants — they’re an easy, affordable way for customers to safely access your menu. Create a QR code that links to your menu, and print it somewhere that’s easy for customers to scan. Use one on an exterior window decal so customers can check out your menu before they sit down, and others on tabletop roller banners so diners can scan from their seats.


You can also use QR codes for touch-free transactions. Print one on your favourite marketing material (like tabletop banners and decals), then display it by your till so customers can scan to pay.

Take things touch-free


Attract new customers.

Everyone that walks or drives by your restaurant is a potential customer. Make sure you’re grabbing their attention with a vinyl banner, plastic sign or flag in addition to your permanent restaurant signage. Make sure to check with your local council regarding rules and regulations for exterior signage.

As you design this signage for cafés, consider including an enticing offer to get people in the door. Whether it’s half-price pizzas on Wednesdays or free delivery for new customers, offering a discount is a great way to create excitement around your business.


Ghost kitchens (or delivery-only restaurants) are growing in popularity. Since this type of business doesn’t have a shopfront or dining room, getting the attention of passers-by isn’t really an option — instead, market your business by distributing flyers, printed menus and postcards throughout your delivery area.


Inform customers of safety policies.

Safety is a top priority for small business owners everywhere — and guidelines have changed massively for dine-in restaurants. So, use a sign to make sure your customers know about new rules and regulations before they sit down to eat. Place a plastic sign outside your front door reminding customers to wear a mask and sanitise their hands before coming in, or add a QR-coded window decal so customers can review the rules before entering. Once they’re inside, use floor decals to encourage safe social distancing.

Stay safe


Reinforce your brand identity.

Use signage as a branding tool to reinforce your restaurant’s identity or set the vibe in your café. From the typography on your tabletop roller banners to the colours on your flag, design your signage in a way that reflects your brand identity.

To reinforce your branding and ensure your sign is easy to read, make sure you follow our expert sign design tips. From colour choice to font size, there’s a lot to keep in mind when you’re creating signage for restaurants.


Tell passers-by more about your restaurant.

Don’t count on your name alone to tell customers everything they should know about your restaurant. Instead, use visual tools or additional language on your exterior signage to give potential customers more information. Does your business specialise in smoothies and juices? Add window decals with icons that reflect these offerings. Do you run an organic pizzeria? Create a plastic sign that showcases your artisan ingredients and speciality pizzas.

Beyond visual cues, a tagline or slogan can tell passers-by more about your restaurant. If your marquee sign simply says ‘Brklyn,’ create a vinyl banner to hang below with more information – like, ‘Brklyn All-Day Café: Hand-crafted coffee, made-to-order sandwiches & tasty treats.’

Tell customers more

Vistaprint picks:

Must-have signage for restaurants

  • 1
    Spread the word about your new offerings.
  • 2
    Display QR codes for touch-free menus.
  • 3
    Attract new customers.
  • 4
    Inform customers of safety policies.
  • 5
    Reinforce your brand identity.
  • 6
    Tell passers-by more about your business.