How to optimise signage inside & outside your shopfront

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

When it comes to communicating with customers, the right signage can make a world of difference. Customers could potentially pass by your shopfront daily – make sure you’re grabbing their attention.

Whether it’s a poster in your boutique’s fitting room or decals on your coffee shop’s windows, there are so many ways shops can use signs to communicate. Here, we’ll cover how to hang posters, signs and banners etc. to catch potential customers’ attention, alert them to new shop policies and more.

Where should you use shopfront signs outside?

  • In addition to a marquee sign above your entryway, consider using a pavement sign, flag or roller banner to snag pedestrian attention. Make sure to check with your local council regarding rules and regulations for exterior signage.
  • Display your shop hours, phone number and website with a custom window decal.
  • If you have a designated kerbside pickup zone, mark it with a chalkboard sign so customers know where to pull in.
  • Is there something new that customers should know before entering your business? Hang an outdoor poster in your window or place a sign barricade outside your front door reminding customers to wear a mask or sanitise their hands before coming in.
  • And if you’re limiting capacity inside your shop, encourage socially-distanced waiting areas on the pavement using decals, heavy-duty tape or chalk-drawn lines.
  • Encourage customers to shop locally with a heartfelt message in your shop window.


Going cashless? Tell customers before they enter using a window decal or poster.

You can also use signage outside to alert passersby to promotions or special events – creating excitement about a special offer or product can attract new clientele and delight existing customers.

  • Do you offer a “latte of the day” that changes daily? Use a chalkboard sign to easily adjust offers (and unleash some of your creativity!).
  • If you regularly offer a special (like a Monday morning discount), remind customers with a custom window decal.
  • Hosting an in-shop event or sale? Hang an easy-to-read vinyl banner or poster in your window to attract customers.

Where should you use signs inside?

Inside your shop, consider signage at all eye levels. Use a variety of signs from floor to ceiling that customers can see both at a distance and when they get closer.

Signage inside your shop should reinforce (and expand on) the messaging on your exterior signs, for informative and safety reasons:

  • Place a tabletop sign by the till that reiterates shop policies.
  • If your café or restaurant is open for dining, add a decal to the tabletops (or use a tabletop sign) to ask customers to wear their masks whenever they get up.
  • Use floor decals to encourage social distancing or directional flow inside your shop.

And for marketing purposes:

  • Place a floor stand-up or a foam board just inside your entrance to remind customers of current sales or promotions.
  • Designate displays of on-sale merchandise with posters or roller banners.
  • New offerings? If you run a café, decorate your tabletops with menu-style stickers.
  • Promote new services like delivery options, reward programmes, appointment-only shopping or a more flexible return policy with a poster or indoor banner.