How to create packaging for candles

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Creating appealing packaging for your candles can boost sales and attract more buyers to your brand. But how do you make your own candle packaging and what are the most important things to consider? We’ve put together some tips that’ll help your candles fly off the shelves.

Box size and shape

When choosing the size and shape for your candle packaging, consider the size of your candle and ensure that the packaging provides a snug fit to prevent any movement or damage during transportation. Think about the shape of your candle and choose packaging that complements its design. Here are some common box options to consider:

  • Taper Candle Boxes Tall, narrow and perfect for taper candles.
  •  Lock Bottom Boxes  Work well for shorter and wider products, like pillar candles or tealight candles. 
  • Promotional Boxes  Good for packing small and round candles, like tealight candles.  
  • Crash Lock Boxes These types of boxes are considered great for candles that are heavier.
  • Boxes With Handles Perfect for creating memorable unboxing moments. 
  • Postal Boxes  Great for shipping any types of candles. Make sure to individually wrap your candles and layer with paper.

The design of your candle box

Before getting started on the design, make sure you have a clear understanding of your brand. Who’s the target audience? What’s the brand identity and values? This will help you create packaging that aligns with your brand and attract your customers. Include your logo, brand colours and any other visual element that’s part of your brand.  

Product information

Remember to share the most important details about your product with your customers. Here are a few things you might want to include on your candle box:

  • The type of candles and material 
  • Country of origin 
  • Candle scent (if scented) 
  • Size of the candles 
  • Burning time 
  • Materials used to make the candles 
  • Safety instructions 
  • A list of any allergens  
  • Company contact information 

VistaPrint Tip

However you decide to go about designing your custom retail packaging, remember to stay authentic to yourself and your brand. Stand out from the crowd by being yourself. 

Material and finishes

Select packaging material for your candles that aren’t only visually appealing but also durable and functional. Sustainability, protection and cost effectiveness are other things to consider. Some of the materials available include coated cardboard, uncoated cardboard and kraft (brown) cardboard. These materials offer durability and protection for your candles.  As for finishes, there are options such as matte, gloss and soft touch. Matte finish provides a smooth, non-reflective surface, while gloss finish adds a shiny and reflective look. Choose soft touch for a softer, velvet-like and more memorable feel.

Keep these factors in mind and you’ll be able to create beautiful and functional candle boxes. Visit our packaging page and start creating the perfect packaging for your candles.