Build a brand that builds a following

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People love swag, whether it’s a souvenir T-shirt from their favourite brewery or a promotional tote bag from a local fundraiser. And as a small business owner, you can get in on the action by creating branded products that your customers will love…and tote around town. So, make sure your logo design will look great on T-shirts, printed polo shirts, personalised tote bags and more. If your logo is well-designed, clients will want to wear it, too — and show their support for a local business they love. Whether you’re selling water bottles or giving out free pens, you’ll score some low-cost advertising for your business and earn plenty of appreciation from your clientele. 

Start with a simple graphic.

There are a few key qualities that make a good logo design, including distinction, simplicity and adaptivity. In the case of Fitness Camp 10X, they’ve used a strong shape (the letter ‘X’) that’s easily recognisable, and powerful enough to stand alone. They’re able to explore how their logo looks on various products in terms of colour and font size. And even if the complete business name isn’t present, the icon and colour palette tie it all together.

When you’re creating a logo for your small business, also remember that you’ll be using it across many different products and mediums. Make sure it will work on everything from social media icons to shopfront banners. The logo for Fitness Camp 10X works especially well for wearable items because the icon design is so adaptable. The stylised ‘X’ makes a striking statement by itself or with the full business name, and it stands out whether printed in red or black. 

Don’t be afraid to go bold.

Thanks to thick lettering and fluid design, Fitness Camp 10X’s logo feels fast, modern and sleek…perfect for a gym that specialises in strength training. Fonts with sharp angles like theirs are a major trend for 2021 — and are guaranteed to grab the attention of potential customers. Our experts at 99designs by Vistaprint note that extra-sharp angles feel rebellious and pair well with dark colours (like Fitness Camp 10X’s red and black logo design).

Plus, capitalised letters ensure their business name is easy to read from a distance — a characteristic to keep in mind if you’re planning to add your branding to wearable items, as well as signage.

Less can do more.

When you think of the most iconic brands, you’ll realise that most of them only use a few colours. Netflix is always red, Starbucks is always green, Apple is always black or white. Even though you’re a small business, you can elevate your branding — just limit your colour palette.

Every colour carries a unique meaning…so when you choose the palette for your small business, make sure your brand colours are sending the right message. According to the Psychology of Colour, red represents excitement, passion, anger and stimulated appetites. ‘Looking for loud, playful, youthful or modern? Red’s your go-to.’ Our experts also note that black can add a sleek, modern and luxurious touch to any brand, while white is youthful and works best as a secondary accent shade.

Fitness Camp 10X specialises in weight lifting and strength training…so it makes sense that their palette includes a strong, bold colour, like red. Plus, the colours they’ve chosen create high contrast in any combination — perfect for grabbing the attention of passers-by and making an eye-catching statement on anything from pens to printed polo shirts.

If you need a new brand identity for your business, or want to refresh your current one, the experts at 99designs by Vistaprint can help.

The finished look

Here’s a closer look at everything Fitness Camp 10X uses to build brand awareness with their impactful logo design. 

1. T-shirts. An oversized logo treatment turns a basic black T-shirt into a stand-out brand builder.

2. Water bottles. Keep clients hydrated during (and after!) their workout with a fun freebie.

3. Personalised tote bags. Customers do the heavy lifting by toting Fitness Camp 10X’s brand around town.

4. Printed polo shirts. An embroidered logo elevates Fitness Camp 10X’s employee uniform.

5. Pens. Once they’ve signed their membership agreement, encourage clients to keep the pen…you never know where it will end up!

Meet the designer

Banggayogia from 99designs by Vistaprint created this logo for Fitness Camp 10X, inspired by what other gyms were doing for their branding. ‘By looking at other people’s logo design references and studying their history, you’ll get ideas to make a logo that’s different.’

Banggayogia specialises in logo design, and does a lot of sketching and creative exploration when she starts a new project. Check out their portfolio if you’re interested in working together to create a look for your small business.