Baby shower games and ideas for your virtual party

Baby showers are a fun way to celebrate an upcoming baby, and a great opportunity for parents-to-be to receive some useful gifts and relax before life gets a little chaotic. But how do you plan a baby party when all the guests will be calling in via video, rather than in the room? And more importantly, how do you make it fun?

Read on for some of our suggestions for virtual baby shower ideas.

Be prepared, be prepared, be prepared.

This is good advice for a baby shower even if it isn’t virtual! Ask the parents-to-be whether they have any specific items they need for their baby’s arrival. If they have a wishlist, share it out with the group of guests in advance so everyone can choose a gift beforehand. You’ll then want to make sure the parents have their gifts to open on the day of the party, so send all the presents to their address ahead of time.

For any party games, (more on that below!) you’ll need to get organised. Chances are people will need to print out or prepare for activities before they call in, so send them the PDF links or files they need to print with plenty of time to spare.

Lastly, if you’re preparing a card to mark the occasion, you’ll need everyone to sign it. That’s a little tricky when everyone is spread out, but with some planning it can work. You can create a e-card and ask everyone to add their own message before sharing it on the day for the parents. Or, ask each guest for their personal message via email or text, and add them all to a card that you can send in the post.

Zoom baby shower ideas that double as keepsakes.

virtual baby shower screenshot with baby shower zoom backgrounds

Most people are now familiar with Zoom backgrounds for their video calls, and this can be a great way to get in the party mood. Pick a theme for the baby shower, then ask everyone to use something around that theme. This could be a certain colour, flower, season or aesthetic. Or perhaps the parents are really into a certain thing that could make a great visual theme. (Frogs? Sci-fi? Film memorabilia?)

Once everyone has their backgrounds on, take a screenshot of the call – it can make a great memento of the occasion. You could use the image to add to a thank you card for all the guests, or even get it turned into a print or cushion for a fun souvenir for the parents.

Virtual baby shower games that get the party started.

It wouldn’t be a party without some fun baby shower games. And just because your party is virtual, it doesn’t mean you have to lose out on all the entertainment. With a little forethought (and a printer) many of the traditional games can still work over video call. You’ll just need to print out the instructions and make sure the guests have the playing sheets printed at home.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at our baby shower games ideas:

  • Guess the baby
  • Baby bingo
  • What’s in your bag?
  • Name the baby animal
  • Celebrity baby names
  • Baby pictionary

We’ve also created some printable baby shower games to help get you started.


virtual baby shower games downloadable PDF

Download our free printable baby shower games for your virtual party. It includes everything you need to start playing. Just download, print and go!

Baby shower parties need baby shower prizes.

It’s not only the parents that can leave a baby party with presents. Make your baby shower games more competitive by offering fun, enticing prizes. Naturally, these will also need to work virtually, but a great prize that suits a lot of tastes is the trusty gift card. An online gift card for a popular shop or an Amazon voucher is a prize that can suit all budgets. Simply load with an amount that suits your group.

Another prize idea is a membership to gym that has locations across the UK, or an online subscription. There are plenty of subscription boxes and services that could work well, from books to snacks to beauty – and they’re not location-dependent.