Save the date wording – what to write and how to write it

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So, you’re getting married? Congratulations! Now it’s time to get organised –and one of the first steps is to let your invitees know when you and your partner are tying the knot. However there are few things to consider when creating your save the date text. Read on for our tips on what to include on save the dates, and for some examples you can use.

Save the date etiquette

Save the dates cards are the first piece of wedding stationery that you’ll send out, usually around 4-6 months before the big day, though when to send save the dates exactly can be flexible. In general, think ‘less is more.’ Your save the dates are not official invites, so you only need to include the information that people will need in advance, and so this should be fairly minimal.

Think: date, venue location and wedding website.

Proper etiquette also dictates that you should always include the note “Invitation to follow” to make sure people know that more details will be on their way soon.

Things you don’t need to include: dress code, timelines of the day, registry information. Save these details for the official invitation when you send it, and don’t forget to add them to your website.

Information you need to include

You know what to include on your save the date card, but there are few considerations before you start writing.

Firstly, how many dates do your invitees need to save? Is it a day, or a whole weekend? Or even just an afternoon, if they are coming to your reception only.

Secondly, think about how you address your save the dates. Do you know the person who they will bring as a plus one? If so, it’s polite to address the save the date to both people by name. If at this stage you’re not sure, then make it clear if a plus one is included or not.

Lastly, consider whether you need RSVPs. Usually this isn’t needed for save the dates, but if you’re on a tight budget or have a small venue where you need to plan carefully, then you could include a note like “We’d love to have you but if you know now that you won’t be able to come, please let us know.” This way you’ll know ahead of time and won’t need to worry about RSVPs coming in late.

Once you have the information you need, it’s time to get personal with it! Theming is not just about how your save the date looks, it’s also about the style of wording. Depending on what kind of wedding you’re planning, you could make it traditional or informal, simple or funny. You can even add save the date quotes if you want something a little different.

Destination weddings

For an intimate setting, you may want to add an RSVP to your save the date card to help with your planning. A smaller group of people also means that you can be more informal with your wording, too. For example a simple “Save our date” sounds a little more personal than “Save the date for the wedding of…”

Rescheduled weddings

If your wedding was postponed, then you’ll likely be sending a new save the date card to the same set of people. Make it clear that this is a new save the date so it’s not confused with an older one. You can simply add “New date” or “Rescheduled.” If you’re in good humour about the rescheduling, then you can inject some of that humour into your wording, for example “save the date –again!” or “This time we mean it.”

Informal weddings

If your wedding is more low-key in style, then some funny save the date wording could be a great option to set the tone for the event. “Yes, we finally did it…” or “There will be wine!” will bring a smile and help guests get excited for the upcoming wedding day.

Save the date wording examples


Save the Date
for the wedding of
Jane Elizabeth Smith
John Paul Jones
Saturday, the twelfth of June
Two thousand and twenty-two
Leeds, Yorkshire
Formal invitation to follow

Please save the date
to celebrate the wedding of
Sarah Cartwright
Anna Barnes
20 August, 2022
Martin Hall, Edinburgh
Formal invitation to follow

The Eleventh of November
Please save the date
for the wedding of
Suzanne Lees and Maria Waterstone
Formal invitation to follow


Save the Date
Joe and Andrew
are getting married!
4 September, 2022
Village Hall, Brighton
Formal invitation to follow

Informal & Funny

He asked and she said “Yes!”
Zoey and Josh
Hammersmith, London
Invitation to follow

We’re tying the knot!
Save the Date
James and William
Invite will follow soon
See more details at

A match made in heaven
Suzanne and John are
getting hitched
Save the Date
Orlando, Florida
Formal invite to follow

Save Our Date!
Tina and Samantha are
Getting Married (Finally!)
Penryth Village Hall, Lancashire
Formal Invite to Come!

Food, drinks, music. Need we say more?
Save the Date
Wedding of
Samie and Joey
Margate Beach Front
Invite to follow soon


Save the Weekend!
23–25 July, 2022
Emma and Alex
are getting married
Costa del Sol, Spain
Please see further wedding details at [weddingwebsite].com

Love is in the air…
or it will be when we travel to Tahiti for our
Destination Wedding
Save the Date
Love, Sam and Jo
Invite to follow soon!

Fly with us…
as we journey to Italy for our
Destination Wedding
Laura Sterne and Michael Stone
Invite to follow!


Mark your calendars
We’re getting married!
Save the date for
Robin and Sam
Orlando, Florida
Invitation arriving soon
Please see further wedding details at [weddingwebsite].com

A date to remember
Willow Lorn and Reese Robinson
are getting married
25 August, 2022
Our house, Newcastle
Save the Date
Invitation to follow