Uni essentials: Stationery checklist

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

It’s almost that time of year. As the weather cools and summer comes to an end, it can only mean one thing – back to school. And for those going into higher education; back to uni.

Whether you or a loved one is preparing to start university or you’re going into your next year, we’ve put together a university stationery checklist to make sure you’ve got everything you need to start the semester right.

1. Notebooks

orange notebook with bright ideas written on the front

A spiral-bound notebook is a is a must-have for any uni student. Seminars and lectures mean lots of note taking and organisation, and although plenty of people take notes digitally on a laptop for convenience, studies show that memory recall is better when you write things down physically. So make sure you’re ready with a handy custom book! You could even customise a few notebooks for each class, so you always remember which book you need when you’re running out the door.

2. Pens

personalised pens with yellow and green pattern

We mentioned note taking, so naturally you’ll need some pens. Go the extra mile and create pens that are unique to you. Not only will you feel special when you use them, you’ll also have a custom pen that’s exactly how you want it, whether it’s a fountain, ballpoint or even a stylus for touchscreens.

Make it a hamper!

If you want to put together a care package for the uni student in your life, then why not make a university stationery hamper? Create custom pens, notebooks, stickers and more and add them all into a gift package that you can give them when the new year starts. You could even add photos to the designs so they can take their memories with them – especially if they are leaving for another town.

3. Stickers

laptop with sticker of a world with text "there is no planet b"

Personalised stickers are a great way to stay organised. They’re especially handy when you’re juggling classes, deadlines and coursework. Use stickers as colour-coded labels to stay on top of tasks or create custom shapes to add a fun decoration to notebooks. A custom vinyl sticker can also add a personal touch to your laptop or tablet.

4. Notepads

notepad pink and blue pattern and personalised pencil

When you need to make a to-do list, you need a notepad. Keep a useful pad on your desk so you can jot down notes, thoughts and more when the inspiration strikes. Add your own design to make it more aesthetic – you could even theme it to your other stationery.

5. Tote bags

tote bag with "no drama llama" design

Not strictly stationery, but a simple tote is always useful to have, whether you’re carrying books or your food shopping. Add your favourite quote, band or cause to show off your tastes wherever you go. It could even be a talking point to get to know fellow students on campus.