Instagram Announces Links in Stories for All Users

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Good news for small businesses! From October 2021, Instagram link stickers will be available to everyone using the social platform. This feature, which lets you include hyperlinks in Stories as stickers, was previously only available to verified users and those who have over 10k followers, meaning that people and businesses with smaller audiences weren’t able to access it. Now, everyone can benefit from this new addition.

Link stickers are useful for small businesses in particular, as they allow you to link out to external sites and pages, so you can now link directly to your products and services in an easy way. It’s also great for those running grassroots iniatives in their communities as you can also link to useful resources for your audience. Most of all, it allows you to engage with your followers in an easy and direct way.

How do you add a link sticker to your Instagram Stories?

To add a link to your Story, upload your content first. Go to the sticker tool in the top navigation and tap the “Link” sticker, then add the URL. The link sticker acts like any other sticker on a Stories post, so you can place it anywhere you like and change the colour to suit your aesthetic. Right now, the link stickers can only be used in Stories posts, and not your feed.

Tips for using Instagram link stickers

This new feature means that small business can do more with their Stories, from driving audience engagement to improving sales. Here are some quick tips on how you can use the new Instagram link stickers for your business.

Link to products on your website. Add a direct link to the product you’re highlighting in your Story. This is great if you’re using a Story to highlight product features that will make a customer want to buy or learn more.

Promote your site, blog or about page. If you’re using your Stories for your audience to get to know you better, or are showing some behind-the-scenes videos, link to places where customers can find out more about you and what you stand for.

Link to a competition entry page. To drive some audience engagement, create a competition or giveaway page to link to. You’ll get more traffic to your site, and gain more applicants as it’s easy for people to apply via the link sticker.

Add links to your Story highlights. Create permanent Story highlights for ‘featured products’ or ‘most popular’ with added link stickers. Customers can then shop directly from your highlights at their convenience.


Make sure your website is optimised for mobile.

As you link to your pages more from Instagram, make sure your site is optimised for mobile. People generally use Instagram on their phone, so you want to make the experience as seamless as possible.