How do I make my clothing packaging stand out? 

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These days fashion retail is about the experience as well as the products. Your customers want a little something special — they want eye-catching and well-designed clothing packaging that looks like you’ve thought about the details, and in turn, thought about them. 

But how do you stand out in the vast sea of online fashion retailers? In this guide we’ll explore some creative ideas to help you create cohesive and memorable clothing packaging that makes your brand stand out. 

Sustainability & eco-friendly materials

Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of packaging. Where possible, consider using eco-friendly materials like recycled paper, biodegradable plastics or organic materials. For example, many of our packaging products are FSC® certified, meaning that they come from responsibly managed forests.  

Personalization & customization 

One of the key elements of clothing packaging that gets you noticed is customization. In addition to branded packaging, consider adding personal touches. Use different packaging designs for different collections, print personal messages for customers on the inside of clothing packaging boxes or throw in a hand-written thank you note. Details like these create a more intimate connection with your customers and provide a wonderful unboxing experience they’ll remember.  

Unique design 

Innovative unboxing experiences are more popular than ever and can add elements of sophistication, luxury or even playfulness to your product packaging – helping your brand personality shine through and connect with your customers. You can create this memorable unboxing experience by using ribbon pulls, magnet closures or boxes with their own unique opening design such as flip lid boxes, pillow boxes, pull out boxes or boxes with handles. 

Seasonal & festive themes 

For special occasions and festive seasons, design your packaging with some festive spirit. Holiday themed packaging can help your products feel more relevant and attractive. Who doesn’t love receiving packages that look like presents? Get inspired on our Christmas Packaging Page. 

VistaPrint Tip

If you’re new to custom clothing packaging and aren’t sure where to start – look at some of your favorite brands. What does their packaging look like? How do you feel when you receive an order? Why? You can also ask friends and family what kinds of packaging designs or special elements keep them going back to their favorite brands. 

If you want to get a feel for how your design or logo will look on custom packaging, you’re in the right place. We can get your branding printed on anything from personalized postal boxes to swing tags, mailing labels and stickers. Whatever custom clothing packaging you need, chances are, we print that.