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9 powerful colour trends for 2024

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If you’ve ever worn pink to lift your spirits or black to feel confident, you know how colours can influence how you move through the world. Colour trends work in much the same way—the shades and tones we gravitate toward can reflect the global mood. And they could inspire a new direction for you or your branding. 

To come up with our colour trends for 2024, we collaborated with the freelance design community around VistaPrint’s design services and 99designs by Vista. We discovered that businesses are prioritising colour combinations that feel powerful, expressive and self-assured—a sign that brands and creatives are armoring up to face huge technological and social changes. 

On one end of the spectrum, colour trends like sharp, zesty citrus and bright bubblegum inspired us to think more positively about a changing world and to celebrate the joyful, the fearless and the individual. On the other hand, trends like digital noir and industrial after-dark pave the way for a darker, grittier path. 

Whether you think your brand needs an upbeat, more lighthearted approach to the future—or a stark demonstration of grit and soul—you’ll find something to inspire you in our colour trends of 2024. 

Here are the top 9 color trends of 2024: 

  1. Luxurious neutrals
  2. Bright bubblegum
  3. Digital noir
  4. Sharp citrus
  5. Oceanic color waves
  6. Industrial after-dark
  7. Pearlescence
  8. Regal hues
  9. Tonal apricot

1. Luxurious neutrals 

Colours don’t have to be loud to have an impact. Though you might think of hues like off-white, eggshell, beige and oatmeal as being retiring or understated, the luxurious neutral colour trend proves that a muted palette can feel just as cool and confident as far brighter shades. 

Logo design for ONDARRETA furniture store. GAA Creative Agency via Behance.

Often paired with soft, cosy textures and minimalist design, luxurious neutrals suit brands that want to convey cutting-edge sophistication and effortless elegance. These colours have always met a need for clean, simple design in a chaotic, high-tech world. But in 2024, neutrals are especially chic, elevated and modern, rather than bohemian or nature-inspired.

 Logo design for Cape Coast Co coffee. Design by goopanic via 99designs by Vista.

The trend lines up with the resurgence of minimalism in fashion, beauty and interior design, and it could work especially well for small business owners in those industries. This year, for example, ‘quiet luxury’ and ‘clean girl’ aesthetics dominated TikTok, where influencers like Matilda Djerf and Sofia Richie embodied the idea of looking ‘quietly expensive’ through neutral tones and pared-back style. Meanwhile, in home decor, Architectural Digest dubbed it ‘white chocolate minimalism’.

Logo and brand identity for Rösby clothing label.

Logo and brand identity for Rösby clothing label. Arina Batsmanova via Behance.

Logo and brand identity for Rösby clothing label.

Logo and brand identity for Rösby clothing label. Arina Batsmanova via Behance.

Logo design for Rise Functional. Bojana. via 99designs by Vista.

2. Bright bubblegum 

Think Millennial pink…with a lot more attitude. The bright bubblegum colour trend has its roots in the Mmillennial kitsch trend of last year, which took inspiration from the playful pastels of the Y2K era. But the Barbie-pink hype of 2023 prompted brands to go even louder, so this year’s palette is much sharper and more saturated. 

This year the world got Barbie fever and it doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. Bubblegum pink is playful and charismatic, making it more universal than baby pink or millennial pink.The bright hue works great for digital application, which is probably why we see a lot of fin-tech companies turning to pink in rebellion against the stuffy corporate world of traditional banks.

Imogen Hill, Associate Creative Director, 99designs by Vista

Like the name suggests, bright bubblegum hues come straight from the sweet shop. Think sugary pinks, blues and purples paired with pops of acidic yellow or green. Fun, youthful and charismatic, this trend could help align your small business with joyful optimism in difficult times.

Animated web page design showing bright bubblegum color trned

Animated web page design by Arthean via 99designs by Vista.

Podcast logo design by Muhaddisa Shahzad on Behance

Emoji design showing bright bubblegum color trend

Emoji design by Anray Lộc, Josh Trần, Tommy Bui via Behance.

Design showing bright bubblegum color trend

Design by Laura Normand via Behance

Web design showing bright bubblegum color trend]

Branding and UX/UI design by Clementine Hertz via Behance.

3. Digital noir 

If a computer monitor became sentient and had to choose a colour scheme for its new wardrobe, it might pick this one—sombre, melancholy greys that range from pale smoke to dark charcoal. Like last year’s dark sci-fi color trend, digital noir reflects our increasingly uneasy relationship with technological advancement. 

This year, though, the look is much starker, without futuristic whimsy to soften it. It could help you depict your small business as strong and sturdy, a brand that customers can rely on when things get tough.

 Logo and branding design. ΛИ via 99designs by Vista.

Book cover design

Book cover design by semnitz via 99designs by Vista.

Logo and branding design. Ševarika via 99designs by Vista.

4. Sharp, zesty citrus

Want your branding to bring the zing? Sharp and zesty shades of green and yellow can make a brand look fresh, bubbly and uplifting (exactly why it’s popular with soft drink companies—both Fanta and 7Up turned up the citrus-y shades in their 2023 rebrands). Using a zesty, eye-catching citrus palette could indicate to your customers that you’re super-excited about your product, and you can’t wait to show it to them.

Logo and branding design

 Logo and branding design. Pamela Picoli via Behance.

Soft drink packaging design

Soft drink packaging design by goopanic via 99designs by Vista

But zesty citrus tones show up in unexpected places too, like finance, sales or industry. Paired with black or neutral colours, lime and lemon hues can help traditional industries look as gutsy and fresh as possible. 

Branding design by Yevhen Genome via 99designs by Vista.

5. Oceanic color waves

Feeling constrained by the limitations and challenges of modern life? The oceanic colour waves trend is your otherworldly anecdote—a colour scheme that evokes the dark tranquillity and endless possibilities of the deep blue sea. 

Branding design by BX Design Lab via Behance.

This trend features the undulating blues reminiscent of rolling waves as well as the rich oranges and greens of coral reefs. But it’s not the ocean-inspired colour palette of breezy beach vacations. The oceanic colour waves trend is a darker, more mysterious form of escapism that works well for brands that want their customers to feel drawn into a captivating, seductive and luxurious world. Use it if you want your customers to wonder… what lies beneath?

Branding design by Anastasia Zubkova via Behance.

Branding design

Branding design by An Open Understanding via Behance.

Branding design

Branding design by FAENA Studio via Behance.

6. Industrial after-dark  

Imagine the orange-y glow of a street lamp, the earthy red of a fired brick, or the metallic red of steel beams on a building site. Immersive and arresting, the industrial after-dark colour trend blends dark, bloody reds and oranges with black, silver or yellow.

This trend is the warmer, earthier incarnation of the future fusion graphic design trend of 2024, which contrasts gritty, urban aesthetics with vibrant colours. With increasing reliance on AI tools and technology, the industrial after-dark colour trend brings a fiery, distinctly human intensity to designs that could otherwise look stark or sterile. This palette is like pumping blood through the veins of your branding. Businesses should use this palette to help the brand feel more grounded, emotional and soulful. 

Book cover design

Book cover design by kostis Pavlou via 99designs by Vista

Brand identity design]

Brand identity design by Hosam brands via Behance.

Brand identity and packaging design

Brand identity and packaging design by Hosam brands via Behance.

Brand identity design for Brick the bar

Brand identity design by PERSPECTIVA via Behance.

7. Pearlescence 

Not to be confused with the edgy metallic hues of last year’s silver chrome colour trend, which was a bit darker and more subversive, pearlescence celebrates blues, purples and greens that shimmer and sparkle. You might have seen echoes of it in milky, chrome or frosted fashion and design trends, but it’s also tied to the Millennial mysticism that emerged in the wake of the pandemic. 

Personal brand identity design by Jeffrey Dirkse via Behance.

Like its gemstone namesake, the pearlescence trend adds a dreamy, ethereal and even expensive touch to designs and brands that want to be sophisticated without going too minimal. 

Emoji design showing pearlescence color trend

Emoji design by Anray Lộc, Josh Trần, Tommy Bui via Behance.

Book cover design

Book cover design by Boja via 99designs by Vista

8. Regal hues

If there’s anyone who knows how to stand out in a crowd, it’s kings and queens. In 2024, as brands and designers lean into bold self-expression and experimentation, some are inspired by traditionally regal hues—rich or “tyrian” purple, bold red, royal blue and gold. 

Tyrian purple, in particular, has long been associated with royalty since antiquity, when wealthy Phoeneicians extracted the rich plum colour from the secretions of sea snails. Versace revived the colour for its Spring/Summer 2023 collection at Milan Fashion Week, where the Italian fashion house used punchy violet and deep indigo shades to lend a glamorous quality to gothic-style garments. 

The regal hues palette is a great colour scheme for brands that want their products or services to feel luxurious, coveted and even a bit exclusive, like you’re giving your customers a glimpse of what it’s like to be royal. 

Branding design for a hotel

Hotel branding design by 1983 ASIA via Behance.

Packaging design for jewelry brand

Packaging design for jewelry brand by Veronika Poprozhuk via Behance.

App design by DSKY via 99designs by Vista

Packaging design

Packaging design by Luz Viera Studio via 99designs by Vista.

Branding design

Branding design by Fernanda Maria via Behance.

9. Tonal apricot

Rounding out the colour trends of 2024 is tonal apricot, a hopeful, refreshing colour palette of apricot, orange and blood orange symbolising well-being and vitality. Energising and nourishing, tonal apricot is the colour trend for new beginnings and fresh starts. 

Cocktail packaging design by zwqy .lab via Behance.

Trend forecasters WGSN called it ‘Apricot Crush’, and described it as ‘an activating vitamin tone that embodies a full spectrum approach to health and well-being’. There are big social and technological changes coming our way, and tonal apricot is a positive, optimistic shade for brands who want to inspire strength and fortitude as we approach an uncertain future. 

WGSN Colour of the Year 2024 Apricot Crush

Apricot Crush, WGSN’s Color of the Year 2024 via WGSN.

Logo design by Tania Azzam via Behance.

Packaging design

Packaging design by Blake Scott via Behance.

Branding design for a pet company

Branding design by Shuoci Wang for Behance.

And since we’ve already touched on the topic of trendy peachy-orange hues, we should mention the recently announced Pantone Color of the Year 2024, Peach Fuzz, PANTONE 13-1023.

Just like the colours that comprise the tonal apricot colour palette, this peachy colour ‘echoes our innate yearning for closeness and connection’, radiates positivity and gives us a promise of a peaceful, happy future. While Peach Fuzz and tonal apricot might be neighbours on the colour wheel, they have their own personalities.

Pantone Color of the Year 2024: Peach Fuzz

In a way, Peach Fuzz is a toned-down version of tonal apricot. It’s a touch lighter, a lot softer and doesn’t come at you with that intense orange zing. It’s subtle, easy on the eyes and really makes any space feel more welcoming. If tonal apricot is the life of the party, Peach Fuzz is the relaxing Sunday morning—both refreshing in their own ways.

Poster using Peach Fuzz color trend 2024

Make a splash with the striking color trends of 2024

The colour trends of 2024 are all about finding the right hues, tones and shades to help your brand navigate a changing world with confidence. Even if you don’t think you’ll be trying out a citrus-y logo or an apricot crush packaging design, these trending colours show us that as we face the coming year, don’t be afraid to express your brand’s point of view as boldly and freely as possible.

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