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Whiteboard Stickers

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Make the most of any space with budget-friendly whiteboard stickers. Lightweight, with a quick and easy set-up. See details
100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • 5 size options
  • 160 gsm vinyl polymer
  • Self-adhesive film
  • Smooth, matte finish
  • Quantities as low as 1

Have a message to share or an idea to write down? Whiteboard wall stickers are convenient, easy to use and affordable. They’re great for offices, schools, restaurants and more.

Our self-adhesive whiteboard stickers come in different sizes. Unlike large, traditional writing boards, whiteboard stickers only take up as much space as you need.

Ready to order yours? Choose your size and orientation, and that’s it. Your wall stickers will arrive ready for you to peel them off and transform any smooth surface to a whiteboard.