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Attract customers with can’t-miss local advertising

Hyperlocal marketing is a game-changer when it comes to attracting customers right on your doorstep. An eye-catching outdoor banner or sign can grab the attention of passersby and invite them to stop, look and shop. Plus, strategic placement in high-traffic areas creates a constant reminder of your presence in the community.

But it's not just about big, bold outdoor advertising – smaller print pieces like postcards and flyers also make powerful local marketing tools. Sending them out directly to homes in the neighbourhood or handing them out at local events are great ways to get your brand into potential customers’ hands.

Merch is another local advertising must-have. People love freebies – and branded T-shirts, tote bags and hats are like billboards that everyone can wear and share. These items don’t just build a sense of loyalty among your customers, but they also spread the word in your local community (and beyond).

Frequently asked questions

A great local marketing strategy starts with a strong brand identity. It’s a good idea to create a memorable logo and colour palette that you can use throughout your advertising. Need help with your branding? Check out our design services. Then, you’re ready to create your signage, merch and more. Eye-catching and cohesive outdoor advertising, flyers and promotional giveaways are all great marketing ideas for small businesses. They can help people to recognise and remember your business – and keep them coming back.

Print advertising is an effective way to make connections in your community. From bold signage to flyers and postcards that you can share and stick everywhere, there are so many small business promotional ideas. You can even create branded giveaways like T-shirts, bags and pens –hand them out at fairs and community events.

It depends on your needs and budget. At VistaPrint, we have a wide range of outdoor signage to choose from. From vinyl and mesh banners to A-frame signs and window decals, find all the local business marketing you need to stand out, outdoors

Absolutely! Outdoor signage still works wonders as a local business advertising tool. Place your branded banners and signs in high-traffic areas to help your business be seen and remembered by everyone who passes by.

Here are a few hyperlocal marketing ideas:

• Flyers and postcards: They’re great for sticking on community bulletin boards. Make sure they’re easy to read and provide valuable information to potential customers. Consider highlighting special offers, promotions or upcoming events to entice neighbours to stop by.

• Direct mail campaigns: Hyperlocal advertising can be as simple as popping a branded flyer in the postbox. Add details about where to find you as well as an enticing deal, and deliver them to households in the nearby community.

• Local events and fairs: Consider setting up a stand to showcase your products or services. You can even give out branded clothing and accessories that people will hold on to and remember you by.

• Word-of-mouth marketing: Encourage customers to spread the word about your business to their friends, family and neighbours. Offer referral incentives or loyalty rewards to incentivise word-of-mouth recommendations.