Supporting and uplifting LGBTQIA+ small businesses.

The LGBTQIA+ community is filled with pockets of diversity, intersectionality and varying identities while being packed with some of the most inspiring people, despite what they may go through on a daily basis. This Pride Month, we want to take a moment to recognise the community for all that they do by highlighting a few LGBTQIA+ small businesses. Although Pride gives welcomed visibility to the queer and trans community, it’s important that we come together every day. So, this Pride Month and beyond, be sure to shop and support LGBTQIA+ brands and businesses. #LGBTQOwned

Charlie Watts, Pride Hub by Pride in Surrey

Woking, Surrey

The Pride Hub is a new, exciting, and unique venue for the LGBTQIA+ community of Surrey and surrounding area. It’s a place to meet, shop, socialise and access valuable services.

On the topic of why it’s important to shop and support LGBTQIA+ businesses, Charlie says, “By shopping with queer owned businesses, you’re supporting the community. For example, every penny you spend in our shop goes directly towards our support projects and events, which benefit the LGBTQIA+ community 365 days a year!”

“Use social media as much as you can and make sure you really interact with the people showing you love. We’ve always taken the time to interact with our followers online and as a result, we’ve had people visit us from all over the country… People really appreciate the personal touch!”

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Mikkie Tiamo, Milkshake Design UK

Macclesfield, Cheshire

Opened in 2001, Milkshake Design is a family business that’s evolved into a web design, computer services and network management company.

They’ve designed and built over 500 websites, from small personal blogs to large online shops.

When it comes to Pride, Mikki says “as we are LGBTQIA+, we take great pleasure in not only supporting Pride events but taking part. This is part of our ethos. Our local events are where we get to enjoy and support those in our community. Being Transgender myself I know how hard it is to be yourself and these events are a great place to engage, communicate and enjoy.”

“We like to support businesses which support our community and vice versa. As we have a good reputation with LGBTQIA+ businesses they recommend us to other LGBTQIA+ businesses.”

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Brighton, East Sussex

Popstacular is an LGBTQIA+ and allies owned and run vegan streetwear brand. They work with artists to place their art on clothing, so people can buy and wear original art directly from the artist.

For Popstacular, inclusion is everything, and they put inclusivity and diversity front and centre, as well focusing on ethically sustainable fashion.

When it comes to supporting LGBTQIA+ owned businesses, Jason is a big advocate: “As a LGBTQIA’s company we feel that we need to give a platform for our community whilst supporting our fellow businesses as a minority.”

“Pride is not just a day or a month, it’s 365 days of the year.”

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