Food Bags

Stocking up on food bags? VistaPrint is here to help. With our food bags collection, you can get everything you need — bakery bags, takeaway bags, paper pouches and more — in the quantity you want.

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29 results

Make a great first impression by packaging your products in food bags.

So much work goes into creating your food — serve or deliver it in style with high-quality food bags. Our bakery, produce or takeaway bags make it easy to transport food from restaurants or food shops to your customers’ homes. You’ll find plenty of options to help you pick the right food bag for a wide range of items.

Whatever your paper bags for food preferences and budget, VistaPrint is ready to help you get everything you need. Choose from bakery bags, takeaway bags, paper pouches and more. You’ll even find FSC® options available. And if you need a helping hand trying to decide which paper bags are best for you, our experts are available to help you choose.