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Getting Started With Calendars

Our new studio offers a wide variety of options for the creation of a personalized Calendar.

Tip: Signing into your account before you start your design will ensure you don't lose any progress.

Selecting a Start Date

Click the events icon to access the option to adjust the start date. Once a new start date is selected, the calendar updates to display the 12 months that come after.

Using this option, custom events can be added to the calendar. Click to learn more about adding events.


Adding Images


From the left toolbar, select Photos then Upload photos. You will then have the option to add multiple photos from your device.

NOTE: Images previously uploaded to your account aren't displayed from this studio.

Once multiple images are selected, a status bar appears providing details on the number of images uploaded from the amount selected and an estimated time left for the total upload.



Images can be dragged from photos area onto their desired pages.

Our studio will automatically enhance all photos added to the calendar, but this can be removed by selecting the option from the tool bar.

By clicking this kebab icon, additional options will appear for the selected photo.

NOTE: To the left of each photo is a counter that indicates the number of times it is used on the calendar.



Photos with low resolution will trigger a notification indicating that it may print blurry. If this photo remains on the calendar, another notification will appear when adding the calendar to the cart.
From the toolbar there is an option to insert additional photo place holders to the calendar. Once an image is added to this place holder, a layout is automatically selected.

NOTE: Once multiple images are on a single page, you have the option to shuffle the layout.
Click to learn more about layouts.


Photo Options


By clicking on the photo after it has been added to a page will display a different set of edit options. From these options an image can be removed, flipped, rotated and scaled.

Click to learn more about scaling images.

Adding Text

Using the insert option from the toolbar, you have the option to add text fields to a page. The text added can be used as a caption for photos added or as a stand alone text on the page.


Saving Calendar Designs


To ensure work isn't lost, periodically a notification will appear asking you to save your progress.

NOTE: Clicking the option to don't remind you will disable this notification.

To manually save your work, there is a save option at the top left of the toolbar. For the initial save, you will have the option to adjust the name of the calendar. 



If multiple copies are required, or you don't wish for future edits to override your current work, you can select the option to 'Save As'. This will all you to create a new copy of your work with a new name. 

Completing Order

Clicking on the option to add the calendar to the basket will trigger an image check. Once completed, a notification will appear if some photos appear blurry. You can choose to adjust the highlighted photos or proceed by clicking continue anyway.

During the checkout flow, you will have the option of selecting your desired paper stock.