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Koralie is a French contemporary artist. Her work is about construction, juxtaposition and balance and is mostly inspired by nature and by the craftsmanship of various cultures.

Garden: day


Garden: night


Garden: morning


Kaleidoscopic Nature: dark


Kaleidoscopic Nature: indigo


Kaleidoscopic Nature: sky


Koralie is a contemporary artist, painter, visual artist and muralist. She draws inspiration from her travels as well as different cultures and traditions from around the world, including folkloric and traditional costumes, emblematic monuments and animism rituals, which offer a rich aesthetic and a variety of symbols. She likes to break down borders by mixing elements of traditional and contemporary themes and wants to create a dreamlike multicultural harmony.

She currently paints murals all over the world and her work is available through various galleries and institutions. She is one of the first French women to express herself through the art of graffiti.

Our high-quality reusable cloth masks are designed with integrated filters and stylish graphics for adults and children and are compliant with the AFNOR standards for breathability and filtering. Shop fashion face masks and kids face masks with unique colours, patterns and designs or make one with your own custom design.

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