Tabletop Roller Banners

Portable, attention-grabbing signs you can set up in seconds.

• Pre-assembled with brushed aluminium stand
• Durable, stay-flat vinyl material 
• Matte finish with solid white backing to block light

For floor-standing signs, check out our larger roller banners.

Price £20.99 ...

Prices include VAT

Lightweight, portable signs for events, shopfronts, check-in counters and more.

Want an easy and effective way to connect with customers? Tabletop roller banners are easy to set up and will stand out anywhere. They give your booth a boost at trade shows or conferences. They tell shoppers about new products or sales. And they even highlight house specials at restaurants. So no matter what you’re trying to say, these compact, professional-looking banners make sure the message gets across.

Create a consistent look
• Tabletop roller banners work well with matching posters, flyers and other signs
• At events, offer branded takeaways like pens or postcards
• Use your design with our larger roller banners

Design tips
• Use an interesting or colourful image to draw people in 
• Focus on one main message without using too much text
• Contrast the background and text colours to increase readability

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