Rigid Signs

Don’t let your customers miss out – grab their attention with rigid signs. With long-lasting options available for shops or outdoors, our rigid signs will help you get your message out loud and proud, all year round.

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16 results

Get your message seen all year round, indoors or out.

Lend some weight to your promotional offers, sales and other messages with our rigid signs. From metal A-Frames to wooden shop signs and everything in-between, our rigid signs are designed to turn heads, indoors or out.

Whether you need permanent fixtures like office signs or directions, or something you can rotate messages in, such as poster holders or stands – we've got you covered. To top it off, most of our rigid signs are available in assorted sizes.

We have metal signs, acrylic signs, plastic signs, wooden signs and other materials available. With our range, you’ll be able to find rigid signs that both match your aesthetic and suit your business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

VistaPrint offers a variety of accessories for our rigid signs, some of which are included and some of which are optional extras. To learn more about the accessories available for your selected rigid sign, please visit the respective product page.

We offer a wide range of rigid signage, most of which is only available in one material. The different materials you can choose from are acrylic, cardboard (cardboard, paperboard and Reboard), foam, metal (aluminium) and wood.

Most signs are designed for indoor use and are not weather-resistant, but some can be used outside as well. Please only use accessories for rigid signs where appropriate.

Inside & outside: - Acrylic signs - Chalkboard signs - Aluminium signs - LED light boxes - Wooden signs - Plastic signs

Inside only: - Cardboard signs - Foam board prints - Foamex signs - Reboard signs - A-frame signs

Yes, some of our rigid signs can be customised to some extent. These customisations might include choosing a type of material, base colour, design, layout or the content of the rigid sign. The accessories cannot be customised.