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Mesh Banners

Stand out to customers. Stand up to the elements.

  • Mesh weave lets air through, minimising wind effects
  • Built-in grommets (included free) make hanging easy
  • Reinforced edges (also included) to increase durability
  • Water- and UV-resistant
  • Available in 16 sizes
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52 x 91 cm
73 x 215 cm
76 x 122 cm
76 x 183 cm
76 x 244 cm
76 x 305 cm
76 x 366 cm
122 x 122cm
122 x 183 cm
122 x 244 cm
173 x 340 cm
150 cm x 200 cm
150 cm x 300 cm
150 cm x 400 cm
200 cm x 300 cm
200 cm x 400 cm
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White Nylon Ropes - 15m
Starting at £7.19
Zip Ties - Packs of 50
Starting at £4.19
Price £33.99 ...
Original Price (£33.99) + Accessories (£0.00)

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Product Specifications

Materials, bleeds, margins, etc.

Weather-resistant banners you can hang almost anywhere.

Rain or shine, make sure your message gets seen with durable, high-quality mesh banners. The water- and UV- resistant material makes them one of our most weatherproof products. Built-in grommets (included free of charge) make it easy to hang them wherever you want. And the mesh weave minimises the effect of wind by letting it pass right through. It’s time to get noticed by more customers – no matter what’s in the forecast.

Choosing mesh or vinyl
• Mesh banners are designed for outdoor use, tough enough to withstand rain, wind and sun.
• Because of the small holes, mesh banners are slightly transparent, and a little less vibrant than vinyl.
• Mesh works well with large fonts and images. Vinyl is a better option for complex artwork or designs.

Design tips for mesh banners
• Woven texture slightly reduces image clarity, so use simple, high-resolution visuals.
• Since mesh lets some light through, be sure to keep the contrast high to increase visibility.
• Banners are meant to be seen from a distance, so don’t use small fonts or a lot of text.

Setting up for success
• Use zip ties or rope in every grommet for the most stable hold.
• Pull the banner as taut as possible to avoid wind damage.
• If you banner has wrinkles, lay it flat in sunlight to smooth it out.

Frequently asked questions
Q: How long will my banner last?
A: Depending on conditions, your banner should last about 2 years, with proper, secure hanging.

Q: Can I print on both sides?
A: Right now, we only offer 1-sided printing.

Q: Do you offer custom-sized banners? 
A: At the moment, you can only choose from the sizes listed above.

Q: Can I change the spacing of the grommets? Or get more?
A: No, you can’t. We’ve chosen the number and spacing of the grommets to make sure your banners hang properly and securely. 

Q: Will my banner have seams?
A: Nope – our banners are printed from 1 solid piece of material.

Q: What material are mesh banners made of?
A: They’re made of a 270 g/m2 PVC mesh, with 100% PES fabric inside. The material is also B1 and REACH certified. The banners have a 70-30 mesh weave, which means 70% of the surface area is taken up by material and 30% is taken up by the holes.
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