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Finger Phone Strap

Custom finger phone straps offer added grip and security when using your smartphone on the go. Ideal for taking selfie-style videos, the finger loop lets you safely clasp your device with little to no effort. See details
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  • Edge-to-edge printing
  • Smooth plastic material
  • Flat-folding strap

Decoration: Full-Colour Print

Our phone loop strap fixes flat to your phone and sits comfortably in your pocket. When you want to take a selfie, record a video, or want to browse on the go with one hand, slide out the phone loop strap and secure your middle finger behind your device’s screen.

The smartphone strap offers edge-to-edge printing which gives your logo or artwork more exposure.

The smartphone strap offers edge-to-edge printing, making it an effective way to personalise your phone without adding a bulky case.

On the practical side, it makes using your phone more comfortable and offers added peace of mind when using your phone on the move. The strap phone holder fits most smartphone models and protective cases without obstructing the camera lens. With that said, we advise checking the position of the camera on your model to ensure compatibility.