Labels and stickers

Add your brand to anything and everything with custom stickers for use on bags, boxes and more.

Sticker sheets
Best for low to medium quantities.
  • Plastic, with 2 finish options
  • 6 size options
  • Quantities as low as 4


Roll labels
Best for larger quantities.
  • 5 material options
  • 15 size options
  • Water-resistant options


Die-cut stickers
Try a different shape and create a new look.
  • Coated white plastic
  • 6 size options
  • Custom shapes available


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you offer stickers in colours other than white?
A: Our stickers are printed onto white paper or transparent plastic, but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to these two colour options. Edge-to-edge printing means you can use any colours you want to create your stickers, for example you could go for a bright and cheery orange design, or any other colour you choose.
Q: What’s the difference between paper and plastic stickers?
A: Our paper stickers are perfect for indoor use, as long as they don’t come into contact with any liquids. Our plastic stickers are resistant to both oil and water, so are a more durable choice for both indoor and outdoor use.
Q: What size are your sticker sheets?
A: Our stickers are printed onto A4 sheets.
Q: What size are your roll stickers?
A: Our roll stickers come on a 7.6 cm-diameter roll, with various different lengths to choose from: 33 cm, 16.5 cm, 11 cm or 5.5 cm. The thickness of the roll will depend on the number of stickers you order.
Q: Is it easy to remove the backing paper on single stickers?
A: Yes. The backing paper is larger than the sticker itself which create a border around it, making it really easy to hold the backing paper and peel off the sticker. Please note that circle stickers have square backing paper.
Q: How durable are custom stickers?
A: Paper stickers are great for indoor use. If you plan to use your custom stickers on products that contain or are exposed to oil, lubricants or cold temperatures, we would recommend choosing a more water- or weather-resistant option, such as our plastic roll stickers.
Q: Any tips for applying the stickers?
A: For best results, we recommend that you apply single stickers to a clean, smooth and dry surface. Our stickers adhere well to paper, glass, ceramic or plastic surfaces. Our plastic stickers are resistant to contact with water and oil as long as the surface is clean and dry when they are applied.
Q: Can I order some sample stickers? 
A: Unfortunately we do not offer a sample service prior to purchase at the moment. We recommend that you order a smaller quantity to begin with and try them out before committing to a larger order.

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