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assume vivid astro focus creates colourful work that centres around themes of obsession, curiosity, generosity and anxiety.

Abstract 1


Abstract 2


Abstract BW


Lilac Dots


Pride Circles




‘assume vivid astro focus’ (avaf) was founded by Eli Sudbrack (b. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1968) in 2001. Avaf occasionally morphs into a duo with Paris-based artist Christophe Hamaide Pierson (b. Paris, 1973) and sometimes also into a collective, depending on the different projects they are involved in. Sudbrack lives and works between São Paulo and New York.

Avaf has been the subject of major exhibitions and public art projects around the world.

Our high-quality reusable cloth masks are designed with integrated filters and stylish graphics for adults and children and are compliant with the AFNOR standards for breathability and filtering. Shop fashion face masks and kids face masks with unique colours, patterns and designs or make one with your own custom design.

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