Introducing Vistaprint RFS™ masks

Wearing a mask is one way we can all be careful, along with social distancing and washing our hands.

These Vistaprint RFS reusable masks are engineered with a Replaceable Filter System, tailored for comfort, and printed in unique designs. Find the design that expresses your (or your child's) style.

Note that our reusable face masks are not medical devices or personal protective equipment (PPE).

Designed for durability + comfort

Reinforced stitching, certified materials, long-lasting sublimated graphic designs, and a 100% cotton anti-allergenic inner layer that’s soft on your skin.

Made to fit every face

3-dimensional chin structure, a nose bridge that endures for thousands of bends, and adjustable straps to keep your reusable face mask the perfect fit all day long.

RFS masks help you cover up and breathe easy

Advanced filtration cleans the air you breathe without trapping moisture. A replaceable fibre filter means you can rewash your mask over and over, reducing waste and staying safe.

reusable face masks with filter
  1. Durable outward-facing textile

  2. Fibre filter

  3. Electrostatic absorbtion cloth

  4. 100% cotton inner layer

Vistaprint is donating 10% of mask sales to help local communities

For every reusable mask you buy, we'll give 10% to local communities impacted by the pandemic.

reusable face masks for business

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Vistaprint's mission

Vistaprint® was founded to help small business owners create expertly designed, up-to-date custom marketing—the assortment of products they need to look and feel professional, prepared, and plugged in.

Millions of customers also stay connected with their loved ones thanks to Vistaprint’s easy-to-create photo canvas prints, mugs and other photo gifts.

In this time when community-wide action is so important, we're using our deep experience in production and customisation to help more people wear more face masks. We want the small businesses that drive our economy to get back to work.