The practical tips that helped these young entrepreneurs perfect their pitch

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As small business owners, finding the right way to pitch your business can be one of the greatest challenges you face. Not only does it require confidence in yourself and your idea, but your message should be unique and memorable. It can be especially difficult to identify your core message, given the wealth of knowledge you have about your business.

Vistaprint recently supported The Prince’s Trust Enterprise programme, volunteering at a workshop about pitching. We assisted young entrepreneurs from West London in defining a strong, concise message about their business and helped build their confidence in communicating their ideas.

During the workshop, participants learnt how to map out their key message by working through an exercise aimed at crafting their elevator pitch.

“One of the biggest pitfalls when pitching is including too much detail about your business,” says Oliver Harcourt, Head of Vistaprint UK. “It can feel like you have to include everything. But to a potential customer, this can leave them feeling overwhelmed, disinterested and your message can be lost. It’s better to focus on what really makes you stand out.”

Tskenya-Sarah Frazer, who attended the Enterprise programme a year ago, comments: “A lack of confidence has never been my problem, but I needed to find a way to focus on the most important details, rather than rattling on about my business! The Enterprise programme helped me shape and hone my pitch.”

Tskenya has gone on to successfully launch her innovative and stylish range of gender neutral shoes.

Learn more about Tskenya’s story and get practical advice about how you can improve your business pitch in this video.

Vistaprint is an official patron of The Prince’s Trust and is supporting the Enterprise programme in London to ensure more young people have the life changing opportunity to explore running their own business. You can learn more about how to get involved with The Prince’s Trust here.

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