Infographic UK small business goals 2020

British small business owners are feeling optimistic about 2020

2019 has been a tumultuous year for the UK’s small business owners, and the challenges and uncertainty facing them shows no sign of abating as we move into 2020.

But how are business owners coping with these turbulent times? We surveyed 500 entrepreneurs to find out.

Vistaprint looked at how small business owners are feeling about 2020, their main goals for the upcoming year and some strategies and tactics they’ll use to achieve them.

Overwhelmingly, British business owners are feeling optimistic about 2020 despite the political uncertainty and economic challenges facing them.

Most entrepreneurs are confident that they will achieve their main business goal next year, and are most likely to feel confident, optimistic and prepared as they move into the new year. Increasing revenue and reaching new customers are the top two goals business owners strive to achieve in 2020.

The infographic below looks at the key findings from Vistaprint’s new study. Commenting on these results, Simon Braier, Customer Strategy and Insights Director from Vistaprint says:

“While political changes and economic barriers are very real challenges facing Britain’s small businesses, our research shows that these factors haven’t dampened the UK’s entrepreneurial spirit. It’s encouraging to see small business owners’ confidence and optimism going into 2020. The better they do, the more chance they have of generating jobs for local people, giving an economic boost to their community and continuing to provide significant value to customers.”

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