Marketing Checklist for Christmas

Get your business ready for the Christmas rush

The Christmas season is typically a chaotic time, both professionally and personally, and it’s important to stay focused in order to reach your goals. Here’s a chronological list of marketing ideas to show you how to tackle the Christmas rush.

Click here for the downloadable Christmas countdown checklist.


  • Devise a detailed Christmas plan of attack. Doing a little prep and planning ahead of time will allow you to skip much of the frenzy and feel a little more festive when the Christmas season suddenly arrives.
  • Create a Christmas budget. Keep it realistic and stick to it.
  • Get inspired. Check out what other businesses do during the Christmas season by browsing Pinterest, looking at their Facebook advertisements, or engaging in a discussion board to gather learnings.
  • Do some market research. What are your customers looking for this Christmas season? How will you meet those demands?
  • Prepare your inventory. The Christmas rush will be upon you soon. Get your inventory ordered, and in order.
  • Plan your Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales. Schedule these sales carefully. What will the sale be? When will the sale launch? How will you advertise the sale?
  • Order your advertising materials. Now is the time to get Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale materials. This could include banners, postcards, flyers, posters and foam board signs - whatever it takes to reach your target audience.


  • Add some festive cheer to your shop or website. If you have a physical presence, consider hosting an event, decorating your shopfront, and playing Christmas music. If you have a website, refresh your designs (while staying on-brand) to get customers into the Christmas spirit.
  • Participate in Small Business Saturday. Create a special offer, event or promotion to coincide with Small Business Saturday.
  • Order your Christmas cards in advance. Make sure you order enough for your customers and employees. It’s easy to underestimate your needs in this area.
  • Order thank you cards or gifts like mugs, calendars or branded promotional items with your logo on them. It’s never a bad time to thank your customers and employees, and to strengthen your relationships for the upcoming year.
  • Launch your Black Friday Sale. This is a key day to market to your customers with clear discount messaging that drives interest and understanding of the savings involved.
  • Hang posters and banners. Announce your sale and attract potential customers passing by and existing customers browsing and considering their purchases.


  • Record and analyse the results from your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Make notes of what worked and what didn’t to give you insights for next year’s Christmas season.
  • Send out Christmas cards to your customer base. Consider including Christmas cards with new orders.
  • Thank your customers and employees. Send thank you cards or promotional items with your logo on them to remind your customers of your business.
  • Consider a refresh. Think about re-examining your design for the new year. This is a great time for some fresh thinking around your visual identity.

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