Empowering small businesses with affordable quality.

Over the years, we’ve often been asked how we’re able to offer professional, high quality printing at such affordable prices. The answer goes right back to our roots.

Helping small businesses aim high – without breaking the bank

When Vistaprint founder Robert Keane pioneered the use of ‘gang printing’ in 1998, it revolutionised the industry and enabled him to achieve his mission: to deliver professional, high quality printing at a price and scale that served the needs of small businesses. Finally, micro business owners could create the printed materials they needed to market themselves with pride and on a budget.

"Anyone with the passion, ambition and spirit to run a business should have access to customised marketing products that help them connect with customers, professionally and affordably. We have pursued that vision from day one – and we always will."

- Robert Keane, Vistaprint Founder

A smaller price for you, fellow business owners and the planet

‘Gang printing’ is essentially about being resourceful and pooling needs for the greater good. Whether you’re a shop owner, event planner or beauty therapist, we group your orders together in a single digital file, based on the printing needs you have in common – such as the type of product, paper stock or special finish. Then we print them alongside each other on the same sheet of paper. This not only minimises cost for each of the business owners; it also reduces waste and environmental impact by ensuring we only use what’s needed.

Onwards and upwards (but not in price)

The technology we pioneered in our early days has been adopted by printing companies around the world; something we feel proud of. But of course we didn’t stop there. We’ve continued to innovate and further develop our technology to offer new and improved products, better designs and more customisation options – all at an affordable price. We’ll keep exploring new ways to empower and enable small businesses to market themselves with pride. And without breaking the bank.