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Will there be any changes to my billing after my site is upgraded to Vista x Wix?

As the upgrade to Vista x Wix will far outpace your current website offering there will be a slight increase in the pricing. You would have received an email outlining this change with further information.

Once your site has been upgraded, you will actually have the chance to experience the new Vista x Wix builder at the same price as your existing Vista plan depending on your billing cycle. 

Monthly Customers

  • Monthly customers will enjoy Vista x Wix at their current Vista price for at least one month (One additional billing cycle).
  • On the second billing cycle, your bill will increase to the new price listed in the email you received.

Annual Customers

  • Annual customers will be charged the Vista x Wix price the next time their bill renews. (Unless your bill is within 30 days of your upgrade, in that case it will be renewed at the old price for another year)

Please note: Customers who are upgraded to Vista x Wix are not eligible for the 14-day refund policy. 

If you feel you are not satisfied with your updated plan and price, please get in touch with us so we can address any concerns you have. There will also be options available to downgrade your plan or cancel your account. 

For more information on the Vista x Wix upgrade please see our Help Center for related articles.