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Are flyers or leaflets VAT exempt?

Flyers and Leaflets can be VAT exempt if they meet the following conditions:

  • consist of a single sheet of paper with a maximum size of A4 (international standard)

  • are intended for reading purposes in hand (rather than for hanging up for general display)

  • convey information

  • are complete (and not a part work)

  • are supplied in sufficient quantity (at least 50 copies) to permit general distribution

  • are printed on limp paper

  • designed to be read a few times and then thrown away or designed to accompany some other product or service

Flyers and leaflets designed for the following reasons would not be applicate for VAT exemption:

  • as a calendar
  • to obtain admission to premises
  • to obtain a discount on goods or services
  • as reference material
  • for completion or return

Please contact us with any of your VAT exemption questions. We'll be more than happy to answer them for you.