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Can I connect my domain name from a different host to my Vista x Wix website?

Domains hosted with a different service provider can be connected to your Vista x Wix site, and the process is quick and easy! Please follow the steps below:

Step 1 

Go to the Vista x Wix offer screen then click on connect a domain you already own


Step 2 

Add your name to the search field then select Yes, I own this domain


Step 3

If your website is not on a premium plan, you will be taken through the order pipeline to have it upgraded.


Step 4

The server will use your domain to locate the host. You must confirm that it is the correct host before you can proceed.


Step 5

Updating the nameservers takes approximately 5 minutes. Don't worry, the steps are included on the Wix dashboard. Click start to proceed.


Step 6

Go to your host page and log in to the account that your name is registered in, then select I logged in.


Step 7 

Go to your domain list and locate the name, then click I found my domain.


Step 8 

Select Manage which is next to the domain name and find the section titled nameservers, click I found the nameservers to go the next step.


Step 9

Select Custom DNS and replace the name servers with these Wix servers. 

Nameserver 1

Nameserver 2

Once this was updated, click I added them.


Step 10

This screen indicates that all the steps required are complete!

It can take up to 48 hours for the website to populate under the name. You will be notified once the connection is complete.