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How do I properly care for my magnetic car sign? [video]

Taking proper care of your magnetic car sign ensures you will get the most value from it. To learn more, check out our informational video or continue reading below:

  • Remove weekly for cleaning. Some climates or conditions require daily cleaning.
  • Clean both the magnet and the metal car surface with a mild detergent and wipe with a soft cloth or allow to air dry.
  • Remove your magnet during excessive heat and sunshine, and during extreme cold.
  • When not in use, store your magnet at room temperature in a dry, flat, and clean place. Do not stack other objects or magnets on top of your magnetic car sign.
  • Do not use a magnet if it appears damaged with bubbles, wrinkles or bent corners.

To avoid losing your magnetic car sign:

  • Don't exceed the speed limit.
  • Don't layer one magnet on top of another when applied to vehicles.
  • Don't use the magnet on watercraft or aircraft.
  • Remove the magnet before taking your car to a car wash.