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Can I delete my information?

Yes, please contact us to delete the information we hold about you. We will close your account and erase your information from our systems. This is a permanent change that cannot be undone.

Please note that even when you ask us to delete your data, we may be required by law to keep certain information (for example, records of transactions or shipments) and we may still retain anonymous information about things like how customers interact with our website.

After we process your request, you will immediately lose access to the following:

  • Your account
  • Your account login and password
  • Order history
  • Products you have designed
  • Uploaded images


If you would prefer to keep your account, but would like us to stop using your information for marketing purposes, you can opt-out from our emails or other channels.

To opt-out of email marketing, go to My Account Contact Preferences, and update your marketing preferences.