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Outlook Email Setup

Domains are no longer sold by Vista. This article is only relevant if you purchased a domain from Vista before January 31, 2022.
If you're interested in purchasing a domain, you can learn more at Vista x Wix.

NOTE: Instructions may vary based on Outlook version and operating system. Please visit Microsoft Support for additional steps.
  1. Launch Outlook, then click File > Tools for MAC users
  2. Click Add Account
  3. Enter Email Address then click Connect or Continue
    • If prompted to choose an email type, select either IMAP or Other Email
  4. Follow on-screen instruction to enter Account Information.
    • Email Address: Enter your full email address.
    • Password: Enter the password for your email address.
    • User name: Enter your full email address.
    • Type: We recommend IMAP.
    • Incoming and Outgoing Server:
    • Port Use default ports.
    • SSL: Use SSL to connect.
  5. Click Add Account or Finish

Your account is ready to use.