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Samsung Galaxy s9 Email Set-Up

NOTE: These steps will guide you through configuring email on Samsung S9. If you are using another version, these instructions may differ slightly.


1. Swipe your finger down starting from the top of the phone screen.

2. Select the settings icon.

3. Select Cloud and accounts.

4. Select Add account.

5. Tap Email.

6. Type the Email address and Password.

Tap Sign in located on the bottom right of the screen.


7. If the following screen is displayed, the email has been set up and recognised.

Follow the instructions displayed in the next screen to complete set-up.

8. Select account type. We recommend IMAP.


9. Enter the following information:

A) User Name: Email Address

B) Incoming Server:

C) Security Type: None

D) Port: 110

10. Enter the following information:

A) Outgoing Server:

B) Security Type: None

C) Port: 25

D) Turn off Authentication required

Click Sign In at the bottom right of the screen.

Your account is ready to use!