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Transferring a domain away

Domains are no longer sold by Vista. This article is only relevant if you purchased a domain from Vista before January 31, 2022.
If you're interested in purchasing a domain, you can learn more at Vista x Wix.

Vistaprint can release the domain to you, but you must transfer the domain to a new registrar. The transfer deadline is exactly one year from the date you initially signed up for the domain.

The general process is as follows:

Contact us. Our specialist will guide you through the process.

A domain must be registered for at least 60 days before it can be transferred to another registrar. This is industry protocol, not a Vistaprint requirement.

Email Instructions:

Upon completing the purchase you will receive three very important emails.

  1. The ‘Change of Registrant’ request and a confirmation email. These emails are to verify your domain’s new contact information. Verifying that the information is correct is necessary for the registrar to release the domain.

  2. Your domain’s Authorisation or EPP code. You will need to give this code to your new registrar to transfer the domain to them. This is an industry safeguard to prevent unauthorised transfers.

    UK sites use an IPS domain tag instead of an Authorisation code. This IPS tag will be provided by your new registrar for you to give to Vistaprint when requesting the transfer.

  3. ‘Data Use Consent’ Email to confirm your consent in regard to sharing your data with the receiving registrar in accordance with ‘The General Data Protection Regulation’, or GDPR (for .ca,, .fr, .nl, .de, or .eu domains only).

    Vistaprint and other global companies are adhering to the principals of the GDPR, so their customers can benefit from these regulations enacted by the European Union.