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How do I adjust the layout of my calendar?

Depending on the template selected, a calendar page may have a default layout, but this can be adjusted using the studio. Some templates when selected, offer the option of a smart or manual layout. To get started, select the layout option from the left toolbar.

Smart Layout


Smart Layout is only available on some calendar templates. Once enabled, our studio automatically assigns a layout once multiple images are added to a page.

By clicking the shuffle option, the layout will change and can be used multiple times until you see your desired layout.

Manual Layout


With Smart Layout off, you'll have the option of manually selecting your desired layout. This manual option is available for all templates. By default you'll see all available layouts, but you can adjust the category to the amount of photos you intend to add to the page. 

Click on your desired layout to have it applied to the page that you are currently on.

Layout/Photo Spacing


By selecting Spacing from the left toolbar, you can adjust the space for photos on a page.

Adjusting the inner spacing increases/decreases the distance between the photos in a layout.

To adjust the distance of the photos from the edge of the calendar, the outer spacing would be adjusted.