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How do I adjust the size of my photos on my calendar?

Once a photo has been added to a calendar page, by clicking on it, a few options will appear.

Adjusting Photo Size

Using the size slider, you can scale an image by making it larger or smaller within the layout placeholder.

This automatically zooms an image without changing its place.


By dragging 1 of the cursors around the photo, you can resize the placeholder for that photo. 

This can also adjust the layout of that placeholder to give the photo a different view.


Adjusting Photo Placement


Once a photo is larger than the placeholder, using the cursor icon in the centre, you can adjust the placement of the image. This function allows you to drag a different part of the photo to the focus.

Note: When a template contains a placeholder, the size is preset and may cause images to appear cropped. You must delete the placeholder before adding your photo to the page to allow for size adjustments.

Turning on the Smart Layout feature will allow you to maintain the size of the image, as the photo will be automatically adjusted to the placeholder without affecting the proportions of the image.