Natural Uncoated
Natural Uncoated Business Cards

Natural uncoated business cards

Finely textured cards with an elegant, professional look.
Off-white, premium paper
Natural texture that’s easy to write on
Ideal for simple, text-heavy designs
324-gsm paper weight 
Let us help you with your design
Standard (85 x 55 mm)
Square (65 x 65 mm)
Slim (40 x 85 mm)
Paper stock
Matte paper stock


Coated, smooth feel and easy readability.

Feels like: Varnished front, silky back

Glossy paper stock


Light-catching gloss that complements vivid designs.

Feels like: Slick front, silky back

Uncoated paper stock


Classic, uncoated option perfect for handwritten notes.

Feels like: A notecard

Recycled matte paper stock

Recycled matte

100% post-consumer recycled, uncoated paper.

Feels like: Textured notecard

Kraft paper stock


90% post-consumer recycled brown paper.

Feels like: An extra-thick paper bag

Linen paper stock


Elegant, Italian cotton paper weave.

Feels like: Lightly woven

Pearl paper stock


Gentle shimmer and a smooth, polished feel.

Feels like: Smooth polish

Soft touch paper stock

Soft touch

Smooth with a velvety matte coating.

Feels like: Soft fuzz, felt

Natural texture paper stock

Natural textured

100% post-consumer recycled paper with natural, speckled texture.

Feels like: Slightly rippled felt

Natural uncoated
Paper weight
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Product Specifications

Materials, bleeds, margins, etc.

Make a lasting impression with top-quality paper.

Natural uncoated business cards have a simple, refined look in a warm, off-white color. Made from the finest paper, they give you the best of both worlds – a traditional, iconic style with eye-catching elegance and quality. Just come up with your own custom text and upload or choose the perfect design.

Tips for natural uncoated business cards
Since this paper is so easy to write on, you can also use your cards for loyalty programs, appointment reminders and more. 
More open, less intricate designs will work better with the uncoated texture.
On the other hand, complex, ink-heavy designs may have a more faded appearance.

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