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Product Details - Folded Business Card


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  Qty Price
Glossy 220 g/m2  
  250 £23.99   £32.98    
  500 £35.99   £47.98    
  1000 £47.99   £62.48    
  1500 £53.99   £70.98    
  2000 £59.99   £79.48    
  2500 £65.99   £87.98    
  5000 £120.49   £149.48    
Folded Business Card Inside - Blank
Folded Business Card Inside - Colour
Folded Business Card Inside - Greyscale
Matte Finish 220 g/m2
Blank Reverse Side
Black and White Back Side
Colour Reverse Side
PDF Proof
Metal Business Card Holder

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