Rounded corner business cards

Lose the corners. Get an edge.
• Standard size (85 x 55 mm)
6 mm rounded corners
Available in 4 different paper stocks
Fit perfectly in any standard holder or wallet

Standard Size (85 x 55 mm)
Paper stock
Recycled matte
Soft Touch
Paper weight
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Metal business card holders
£7.19 ea
Bulletin board business card holders
£7.19 ea
Steel desk business card holders
£7.19 ea
Black leather horizontal business card holders
£11.99 ea
Folded red leather business card holders
£11.99 ea
Metal mesh business card holders
£7.19 ea
Brown leather horizontal business card holders
£11.99 ea
Black leather vertical business card holders
£11.99 ea
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Product Specifications

Materials, bleeds, margins, etc.

Set yourself apart with a stylish, modern look.

When it comes to first impressions, small details can make a big difference. Rounded corner business cards have a unique feel that sets them apart from other cards. And the modern, memorable look helps keep your company top of mind. If you want to stand out, this is the one time to cut corners.

Choosing your stock
• Premium glossy (330-gsm): UV glossy front, silk coated back. Great for photos and colourful cards.
• Premium linen (280-gsm): Unique woven texture. Works best for designs that use less ink.
• Premium matte (360-gsm): Matte varnish front, with a silk coated back. Best for light colours and easy to write on.
• Premium recycled matte (270-gsm): 100% recycled. Easy to write on, good for designs with less ink.
• Premium soft touch (330-gsm): Smooth, velvety matte coating that feels unlike any of our other stocks.
• Premium kraft (350-gsm): Sturdier version of our 90% recycled, light brown paper. A planet-friendly, creative look.
• Premium pearl (350-gsm): Shimmering look with a smooth feel – works best with light colors and simple designs.
• Standard matte (300-gsm): Silk coated front and back. Good for readability and easy to write on.
• Standard kraft (300-gsm): 90% recycled, light brown paper. Eco-friendly with an artistic vibe.
• Standard pearl (300-gsm): Reflective, light-catching surface – great for light colours and simple designs.

Tips for a professional look
Be sure to include your name, title and contact info
For readability, don’t go any smaller than 10-point font
Include some white space to make your design less cluttered

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